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Long EZ project for sale

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After considering my schedule and the fact that I will be out of the country off and on over the next year I am going to put my Long EZ project up for sale.


What is completed so far by chapter.

Chapter 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 are all done.

Chapter 12 is 90%

Chapter 13 is 50% (Has Whilemson Elec Nose Lift, Dale Martin Rudder Pedals)

Chapter 14 is 90% (Basically complete except for drilling wings and engine mount)

Chapter 15 - not started

Chapter 16 - I have a Cozy Girrl Control system and 2 Ray Allen stick grips

chapter 17 - Setup for Strong Pitch trim and Elec roll trim (Have both)

Chapter 18 - 50-60% (Outside of Canpoy Glassed)

Chapter 19 - 80% (Essentially done, not drilled to spar, Nor are alierons cut)

Chapter 20 - 70% (Done but not attached to wing nor are rudders cut, has antennas installed in both)

Chapter 21 - Not started but I have a STRAKE KIT from TAMPCO which includes premolded skins and ribs

Chapter 22 - Not Started

Chapter 23 - Not started but I have a nearly complete O-235-C (for parts) and a Cozy Girrl Engine mount for an O-320/360 (Dynafocal Type1)

Chapter 24,25,26 - Not Started


Additionally, I have the following that goes with the project:


Tons of Foam, BID, UNI, and Ezpoxy.

2 Complete Sets of Plans

Original Rudder pedals if the builder chooses

Original Nose Lift system

Lots of MISC AN hardware.


Other items of importance:

Chapter 9 has cleveland wheels and brakes installed, and Whilemson Elec Speed Brake.


I have a complete LED Nav/Stobe kit for each wing.

2- Comm anntennas 1 in each winglet, 1 being a foil tape style and 1 is an AAE.

I also have an AAE Model L-2 Transponder antenna.


The right person could complete the project inside of a year. I can provide Numerous PICS of anything anyone would like to see. I can also provide a scan of an EAA Tech Counselors subjective view of the workmanship.


I am willing help with transportation for gas up to 500mi from KSUS.


All for $10,000


Will consider breaking up the project for the right $$$$.


All items are located in the St. Louis, MO area.


email me at wzenheimer1@yahoo.com for more info.



Christopher Wise

Christopher Wise

Lake Saint Louis, MO

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