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Vacuum bagging


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I use a Gast vacuum pump (Aircraft Spruce)

I would suggest touching base with:


They have a good schematic to work from.


Essentially you have an adjustable vacuum switch to shut off the pump.

I use a propane tank as a resevoir to save some wear on the pump.

You'll need a check valve between the pump and the tank.

You need to perforate the tubing between the check valve and the pump. This allows air to bleed in and allows the pump to start up easier (otherwise it may lock.)

I plumbed my work table with black pipe and put in 5 connect points using a standard pneumatic type connections (female.)

Spruce has the hookup for the connection to the bag.

ACP has a good video to walk you through the process. I strongly suggest that.


ACP has a great bag system that consists of a roll of bagging film in a tube form. Cut it to length and use the c-locks on the ends to create your bag.


That should be enough to get you started.

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