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Lyc 540 - Engine Mounts structure changes


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Hello All,


Still making plans to decide on my engine. Haven't finally decided, but still gathering information.


For the 540 I see that the CozyGirrrls have a 540 engine mount and in the description they mention additional structure to beef up the engine mount attach points.


Now I understand and can visualize adding triangular, assume two, one on each side of the 5th mount point, with the "small part" near the mount point and the "wider part" down to the main spar. The "wider part" being the width of the spar. Is this correct?


What I don't understand is how to beef up the "middle" mount points. I understand there are gussets of some kind going from the mount point, or is it the spar, down tot he landing gear bulkheads. That part I don't understand and can't visualize.


Does anyone have any info on how to beef up these areas? Drawings would be awesome, even hand drawings.


I know I can contact Scott Carter, Chris E. or Jannie Versfeld, however, I am sure they have been hit pretty frequently on this.


Besides if the info is posted here, all can see and judge for themselves without bothering any of these gentlemen.


So, anyone have any info? Any and all will be appreciated.

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