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Removing Old Spraylat from canopy surface


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Ok all you expert builders, I am looking for a plexiglas safe substance to assist me in removing the spraylat from the inside surface of my canopy.

The spraylat on the inside surface is about 7+ years old. I can get it off now in very small amounts (1/2 inch sq size pieces) but would like do it quicker.

Any help???:o Thanks

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You can apply a couple more thick layers and let them dry 24 hours. They will bond to the lower layers (and soften them) and the thicker application will be easier to strip off.


Or place wet towels over the canopy and keep them wet for a day or so, It will soak into the Spraylat which will wash off with a hose.


You close to flying, Kevin?

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Be careful. I had more trouble than described and I have a couple of pretty substantial scratches as a result. I have since learned that you are not suppossed to leave the spraylot on for extended periods of time. Over a year, IIRC. Also, exposure to sunlight will make it much harder to remove. Mine suffered from both time and some sun.


I added new spraylot over the old as well as soaked it. Goofoff (sp?) helped but it was still very tedious for me.


All the best,


Christopher Barber

Houston, GSOT

Christopher Barber

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