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Hello, from a new Forum Member

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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself..


I have been flying since I was 15, soloed on my 16th Birthday.


My flight experience ranges from C-150's up through the Cessna line, got my multi / inst in a C-310L.. Checked out in C-310, 402, 404 & Conquest, MU-2's, Piper Cherokee's, Seneca's, Navajo and Cheyenne II, then Learjets... LOVE the LR-60....:D


Got an Introduction to a LongEZ back in 86 @ Newport News, VA when I was in the Service...yea I like Helicopters too....lol


Helped restore a couple of Warbirds over the years,,,TBM, F4U..


I am also a Certified A&P IA along with my ratings, Currently employed as a Field Service Rep for Bombardier Aerospace...


I am REALLY getting an itch, that I will eventually have to scratch..LOL with a Aircraft


I am a Tall person with some weird meaasurements,, im 6'4" with a 32" inseam which means a lot of my height is from the But up.. so a LongEz is out, Im thinking Berkut if I can find one or a Velocity XL5..


I have Some experience and training in Composite Repair so this ought to be fun....at least it'd be and experience...lol

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Hello. I take it you have sat in a Long and found it a bit tight? If you are thinking of building rather than buying and fixing up I'm sure you could build it to suit you. Is there that much difference between the Long and Berkut?

Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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Hello. I take it you have sat in a Long and found it a bit tight? If you are thinking of building rather than buying and fixing up I'm sure you could build it to suit you. Is there that much difference between the Long and Berkut?

Yes, I plan on Building or finding a kit thats not quite done yet...


I have a large frame as well, my Wrist measures 8.5" around, even at 5% body fat I weigh 225 lbs..


So not only, is size of the cockpit / headroom an issue, the Cg is something for me to keep in the forefront of my considerations..


That is one of the reasons I have liked the Berkut for years,, it was built longer to compensate for the larger engine and cg envelope..

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Be careful sitting in someone's Long EZ and deeming it too small. I built mine to suit and added enormous volume, but the external fuselage dimensions are 100% per plans... In June 2004 I weighed 286 lbs at 6'1" and found the cockpit fit just fine. My CG was within limits. I'm now 240lbs, and find the front pit has enormous room compared to most aircraft. It's an armchair ride. I have sat in 3 other Long EZ front seats and all were VERY tight! Remove all cushions first :-)


In terms of CG, you may not have any issues either. The cozy III was designed to take 340lbs in the front seats, and some Long EZs are not far off that for the front seat limit for one person. Check the owners manual, pilot guide W&B an confirm.


Changes I made:


1. Thigh support is 1" lower (as is intrument panel in depth)

2. Used a hollow D-Nose strake, and added a radius to the fuselage/strake area to allow my arms to comfortably slip inside. I can, but never use the right console for my elbow to fly the aircraft. I use the strake.

3. Used adjustable rudder pedals or adjust plans location.

4. NOTE: This is where you should seek engineer advice to analyse the locations and ply schdules: I removed core in strategic locations on the fuselage sides and stiffened the skins. This added an inch more width. This was a suggestion by Ken Miller who also shops at the big man's store. Enormous difference.

5. Use 1" of conforfoam/temperfoam only. It's plenty comfortable. You don't need 3" thick cushions!

6. Remove the plans 'roll over' and add an engineered roll over with better belt attach points and head rest (which I seldom use).

7. Use a larger control column. Mine is literally from an early F-16. I find most other sticks too small for my hand.



Wayne Blackler

IO-360 Long EZ


Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


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Thank you Very Much for the input, it is very informative..


My issue right now is that I am runnig about 17%+ BMI so I weigh just a little over 300, I carry it well, still wearing 40" waist.. I want to get back to 34"..


But my Shoulders are 48" so I will have to try a few things as my decision making process developes..


Like I said I have a large frame, @ 225 I have a 21" Neck, 46" Shoulders and 33" waist, I wear a 7 5/8 hat, When I was in the Service I had to have my Uniforms custom tailored, except when I was wearing a Zoom Suit. My Flight helmit was a custom piece as well...lol. I used to drive my Flight Equiment Manager / Tech, nuts, when I was in the service...


I used to Crew Lear 20 and 30 series acft and had Custome Seat Cushions made that where a hight density foam but only about 1" thick to at least give me a little room.. I flew a lot of missions just sitting on the seat frame with No Cushions at all....:-( lol Till I had the thin ones made up.


Anyway to get back on topic, your observations about the possible mods and changes I might have to make are exactly why I will need to find a kit that isnt quite done just yet, or start from scratch on one of my own...


Thanks again...

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