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Hi Everyone,


Its time I said hello! I am a big fan of the Canards. My flying experience isnt like most of you guys that are aeronautical engineers, or airline pilots... But everyone has to start somewhere. Im 19 years old, and have been flying all my life (my dad was a pilot). I got my license last Aug 08. Around 150TT to this day, flying a Club Cherokee 140.


I have been doing a lot of research, and reading the forums carefully. I am wanting a Long EZ, but been considering a Varieze because of cost. Im 6'2" 230-240lbs. My heart is set on a Long Ez just whether or not I will find what I want for the price i can afford will be the question.


Just been reading more than posting. Trying to find all I can. Wish I could find some more in person to see. I have yet to get to sit in one or go up in one. But I know I will make me want one even more.



I want a Long ez for the performance. Being able to fly to florida, and go FAST, and good cost. Plus I like the looks too. I hate flying something everyone else has. The canards are like exotic sports cars.


If anyone is in Ohio/Michigan/Indiana area that has a Long Ez or a Canard. I would love to come and see it!!!

Jamie Hicks

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Welcome JHICKS! Next summer, visit a canard fly-in or two, and of course Oshkosh. You can usually find folks willing to give rides, and you might find some for sale as well. The canards tend to park together at Oshkosh, so you can get a real good look at 50-100 of them and get a real good feel for the variety of quality. Happy hunting! :cool:

Phil Kriley

Cozy #1460

Chapter 13 - nose

Right wing done - working on right winglet.

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With a little diligence and research you can do the same thing Beagle does and save yourself the 1-2% "finders" fee.

Yes, and after only 20 years of such diligence and research, you'll know as much as he does about the planes he recommends (or doesn't) and why, and you'll be just as safe as if you had used David's services.
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I like Marc's point about Beagle's value in selecting a worthy canard. Would you buy a yacht without a valuable and comprehensive survey? Beagle has steered some away from troublesome choices, or at least informed the buyer of what they were looking at. After that the buyer has the informed decision. I dont know if "a little diligence and research" is maybe comprehensive enough to formulate a REALLY good profile of the DETAILS in a high performance canard type aircraft, but maybe for some it is.

Just an observation.:)

Self confessed Wingnut.

Now think about it...wouldn't you rather LIVE your life, rather than watch someone else's, on Reality T.V.?

Get up off that couch!!! =)


Progress; Fuselage on all three, with outside and inside nearly complete. 8 inch extended nose. FHC done. Canard finished. ERacer wings done with blended winglets. IO540 starting rebuild. Mounting Spar. Starting strake ribs.

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