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Rear Seat Fuel Tank


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Longest non-stop: 12 hours


FUEL: When I'm SOLO, I have a fuel tank that I strap into the rear seat to give me extra range. The tank holds about 25 gallons (


NOTE - My original tank is for sale, I'm making a new rear seat tank (The old one won't fit now that I installed an oil heater in the thihgh support).



G'day Waiter


What were you asking for the Old rear seat tank? I am getting ready to fly to Australia for a month, but I may be interested when I get back in December. If we agree to $$ I could send a check and you could ship in Dec.... or I welcome your ideas. I was going to look at the flex tanks used by ferry pilots made in Aus while I was down this trip....





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I was hoping to get $100 out of it. It will cost you more than this to make a new one.




The tank has an OUT and a Vent.


The Vent needs to connect to an outside air source. I have a tube connected to the vent, I would clamp this tube to the passangers "fresh air eyeball vent" then open the eyeball vent.


The OUT has a solenoid valve. I installed a plug and cord on the "Nav Lights" circuit. I then plug the valve into this plug. This can be inserted/removed during flight.


I connected a 3 ft long hose to a "T" just where the fuel line goes through the firewall. When not in use, install a cap on the end of the hose and coil it up inside the hell hole.


To use it, remove the plug from the hose and connect it to the solenoid valve thats mounted on the tank.


The Tank also has a standard filler neck and cap so it can be filled after you install it in the rear seat. Use the passanger seat belt and sholder harness to secure the tank in the back seat.




I take off on the left tank, run for 1/2 hour, then switch to the right tank for 1/2 hour.


After this, I turn my fuel valve to OFF and turn on the NAV lights, This energizes the valve and fuel is now flowing from the Aux Tank. When it runs dry, I turn off the nav lights, and switch the fuel selector back to the LEFT tank (A few seconds of boost pump will restore the fuel flow more quickly.


If I'm running at night, I unplug the tank solenoid and turn the lights back on.






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