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Wing Incidence


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Ok bought a Vari project. At one time in its life was about finished and ready to paint, no longer. I have two sets of original plans, and the terf CD but no appendix sheets. Currently working on building backwards. Cecking Measurments etc. One item for sure the wing fittings (fuselage end) will have to be redone. Not concerned about re making them, have ordered a reamer and have tooling to do them. I need to find the sheet A2 wing Incidence template drawing, or even the Incidence angle relative to the level line. Planing on opening up fuel tanks, and possibly even replacing the whole strut. Its a shame really, who ever built this in the first place did a beautiful job.


If any one could help I'd appreciate it. Thanks


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A few questions:


1. What led you to conclude that the wing fittings require re-work or replacement?


2. If planning on installing entirely new wing fittings, what are your plans for "picking up" existing fastener holes in the sparcaps/BID shear pads at the ends of the sparcaps?


3. What will you do to maintain center-on-center bore alignment between the new centersection-side fitting plates and the bores in the wing tongues?


I can give you a lot of insight on what the above could entail.


FWIW, most-likely, the fittings were made by Ken Brock Mfg., and and as such, the taper pin bores will not be an exact 10 degree included angle. Brock pins/bores (based on my examination of several different sets on an optical comparator) dial in between 9.2 and 9.6 degrees or so. When manufactured, the lathe set-up that made the pins for a given set of fittings was also used to tweak the tapered reamer, thus ensuring as close an "off-the-machine" fit as possible. Pins were lapped to the bores of Brock fittings to ensure a final, accurate pin fit. This, per my discussion at Brock Mfg back in 2000 - I talked to the machinist who made the majority of the wing fittings and looked over the jigs/fixtures on which they were manufactured.


Pin fit in the bores is very critical.


If you have no prior experience with the VariEze (familiarity with sturcture fabrication, etc.), try to get a qualified VariEze builder (Long-EZ / Cozy builders will know a fair bit, but not all there is to know on a VariEze) to have a look.


-Joe Person

EAA Tech Counselor 4418

VariEze N79JN

Bothell, WA (KPAE)

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