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Alleged Cozy III on EBAY - moulded fuselage


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Looks like what is listed in the Larry Fitzgerald Composites website as a Cozy. Doesn't look much like one really, does anybody know if any of these have actually flown?








The attachments for the MLG look completely alien. I don't know what the thing next to the fus is, looks too long for a canard. Maybe its a mast...


US2500 - no bids.

Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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The landing gear is standard Cozy III--based on Long-EZ gear. However, I would not buy anything from Larry Fitzgerald, to wit:


[From Cozy Archives]

"Date: Nov 17, 2006 11:52 AM

From: xxxx

Subject: COZY: Message from Nat Puffer

Builders - Nat Asked me to pass this message from him on to you.

Dear Builders,

Yesterday we received a call from Aircraft Spruce, that someone called

who needed advice on canard lift tabs, and they asked me if I would be

willing to advise. Certainly, I said, so a little bit later, I got a call

from a Mr. Chuck Ebert, of the FAA. He said he was asked to supply advice to

a builder who was having a problem with his lift tabs corroding, because of

the urethane pour foam used to fill the canard. He volunteered that the

canard had been made by Fitzgerald Composites. I nearly went into orbit!

Back in 1991, a builder had Larry Fitzgerald make a canard for his Cozy

III. When he showed it to another builder, that builder said it seemed to be

too heavy. It was 45 lbs, compared to the normal weight of 29 lbs. So I

called the builder and advised him that there must be something wrong with

the canard, because it was far too heavy. The builder said he decided not to

use it, and offered to cut it into sections to see what was inside. When I

got the sample section, I almost choked. It appeared that it had been laid

up inside a mold, skin first, and then pieces of plastifoam placed against

the skin, and then the large void on the inside filled with urethane pour

foam. Also, the mold did not have the correct contour, so there was about a

1/4 inch layer of micro on the outside to correct the contour. There was a

dipole antenna installed in the leading edge, with the co-ax right alongside

of one of the dipoles, so I was sure it would not work. I showed the sample

to Burt Rutan, and Ben Owen at the EAA, and they almost choked. I showed

this sample in my forum at Oshkosh, and published a picture of it in

newsletter #35 along with an alert to all builders that Fitzgerald

Composites was not an authorized supplier, and his parts were judged to be

unairworthy. This resulted in several other builders relating similar bad

experiences with Fitzgerald composites. Apparently Larry Fitzgerald is still

out there making parts for people.

My recommendation would be that if anyone is using or planning to use

any Fitzgerald Composite parts, to ground the airplane until those parts are

replaced with parts made per plans, and if anyone wants a reference to

someone making parts per plans, to please call me.

Best regards,


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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