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Hello all,

I found this forum last week, while looking for the date for Rough River. I can't believe I missed it AGAIN.:sad: :sad:

Anyhow, next year.

I live in Tompkinsville, Ky, (TZV), so making it to Rough River should be a short flight. I fly a Dragonfly MK1 that I bought 9 years ago. It's NOT white, either. It's "sunset yellow."

I built a TEAM Himax, (wood, covered with fabric) and flew it for about 65 hours. About a year after buying the Dragonfly, though, I sold the Himax, since I hardly flew it anymore.

I've been looking at the Cozy's. I like the speed, along with more room. Now, I've only got to convince the wife that we NEED it. I don't think she'll allow me to do what I did with the Himax, though.

I just bought the kit, then told her. Then I moved all the furniture out of the living room, built a workbench, and commenced building an airplane!! She moved back in with me about time the plane was ready to come out of the house!!

I know that Sam Chambers has the Long-EZ. He's at the next airport here, along with Barry Meacham's EZ. Are there any Cozy owners close by? (meaning about 100-150 miles)

I look forward to being part of this community. I mostly read, but, I'm on Yahoo groups, Dragonfly list, and post when I can help someone. I noticed here that there aren't many postings in the Dragonfly group. I'll keep checking though.

Thanks for having this group!

Darrell Doerhoff

Dragonfly Mk1 N115DP at TZV

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Greetings Darrell,


As a past dragonflyer and a current cozy builder, I think I can help you with youur Wife situation.


The dragonfly is a real enjoyable aircraft, however it lacks one thing. That is a back seat.


Now I don't mean that you may ever use your back seat for passengers, but it does carry a lot of luggage, if you travel with the aircraft. With our D-fly, when we traveled anywhere (more than for the afternoon), we would find ourselves UPSing our luggage to our destination. If my wife wanted to bring more than the allotted 4.5 lbs of luggage:rolleyes: there would be battle royals. If she won, there would be a rear loading problem, and if I won, --- well we won't talk about the consequences.


I look at my Cozy (actually an aerocanard) as a two place plane with loads of luggage room and room for our 89# goldendoodle to travel with us.


Good luck on your convincing.

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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