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Conditional inspection time. Looking for a mechanic


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Hi all,


Its time for the first conditional inspection on my plane since I bought it. I need to find someone who can do it. I'm based in Miami and I'm looking for someone that is familiar with Long-EZs. The regular mechainc is good enough to work on the O-320 engine but he doesn't know anything about Long-EZs and I'd rather not pay him by the hour as he tries to figure out how to take the wings off. I can fly it to the mechainic so anywhere in Florida is OK.




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I hand the completed inspection checklist to the A&P when he arrives. I don't take the wings off very often----about every 5 years. The A&P then does a cursury look---checks all my paperwork and logs----then checks out then engine including a compression check.


I am very used to not having canard guys doing condition inspections.



If you are not yet confident in your inspection abilities, then by all means, seek out a canard expert A&P---but you will need to eventually gain the experience and confidence so that you can just use "any" A&P.

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