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Q-200 (q2 c-85) for sale

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$5800.00 complete.


Started life as a Q2 with a rev master, converted to Continental C-85 and re-certified. Has flown in current configuration, but not for more than 10 years. Basic VFR panel. Hand prop start. Warp drive Prop. Less than 10 hrs on major engine overhaul. Slick mags. Carbon fiber tube in canard, flat(older) bottom style.


Airframe stored under cover, engine stored inside. This aircraft is not flyable and does not run (the engine is just on by 2 bolts), needs everything inspected. Brakes not functional. Some paint blems. No seat upholstery. No other parts missing, as flown 10+years ago.


Flat trailer included, but also has sat for 10 years, so needs tires, bearings inspected, etc.


Pictures: http://www.waltech.org/q/

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I see your machine has the sparrow strainers on the elevators, that and the carbon tube spar on the canard means it has the later LS1 canard rather than the older GU. Best of luck with it, seem to be plenty of Q-2 that don't get flown much.

Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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