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Open-EZ CAD Drawings


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7 minutes ago, Jon Matcho said:

CP 25 = Canard Pusher Newsletter #25. I'll get them uploaded to the Downloads section here.

@GMalatrasi what CAD software are you using?

I see... 

I'm using Siemens NX

5 minutes ago, jridge said:

Canard Pusher newsletters were put out by Rutan Aircraft Factory to keep builders updated of changes to the plans and safety updates.  You need to download the PDFs, which can be also be found at http://www.aryjglantz.com/p/documents.html?m=0


Gotcha, thanks for the info.

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On 4/4/2021 at 3:51 PM, jridge said:


How's you're progress going on the CAD model?  Be interested to see how far you've progressed.


Sorry guys, since I started this project, I've bought a house and things at work got crazy busy... Haven't had much time to work on this.

34 minutes ago, Justin said:

My CAD stuff expired in another thread here, but it is available at:-


I might come back to Open EZ, but am too busy right now.

Stay safe everyone.


That looks great!

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On 4/7/2021 at 2:09 PM, Justin said:

My CAD stuff expired in another thread here...

Not sure, if by "expired", you mean that prior thread is too old or actually expired, but it's still available here: https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/40245-cad-update-2/

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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