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Fuel Cap

Limo EZ

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I just got a Newton Fuel cap from Wicks and was wondering if there were any tips on installation. Does flox hold this thing in? There is no groove in the neck that would permit a ring of glass or flox to capture it. Just curious. Thanks for any help


Joe Berki

Limo EZ

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It looks like those are made for a bolt-on application and not a glass-in application. No worries though.


Your best bet would be to recess the top surface of the cap below the upper wing skin. Flox it in place and then put a couple layers of BID over it. A properly sized hole saw will help cut the hole, but dont go too deep. It might help to dig out a bit of foam from under the lip of the cutout and push some flox back under the skin when you flox the flange in place. You might need to glass the ID of hole before you put the flange in, given that the flange doesnt look deep enough to cover the entire upper wing section thickness.


I did something similar with my flanges, though mine were deep enough that I had to reach my finger in with some flox and put a bead around the intersection of the inside skin and the flange.


Check out this site:




Good luck

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I'm not sure where you are in r/t strake installation, but here's the big picture for everyone's benefit:


After installing the top skin, I dished out the foam down to the inner skin wide enough to create glass-to-glass contact with the upper skin about 3/4" wider in diameter than the hole needed for the cap to fit through. I then, after glassing the top skin of the strake, roughed up the bottom surface of the cap flange and seated the cap in flox so it was flush with the top strake skin. A layer or 2 of BID around the flange should finish the installation.

(One layer should suffice, but I just have a tough time one-plying ANYTHING.:o It just doesn't seem like enough.)


Two caveats for the benefit of those anxious to install them:


1) Wait until after you've leak tested the tanks for leaks to cut the hole.

2) Before dishing the foam, QUADRUPLE check the placement of the hole. Some have inadvertantly cut the hole into a strake rib.

"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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If you have not installed your top strake skin consider this. I'm on my third EZ and learned after chasing too much foam dust out of my first set of Cozy fuel tanks to avoid contaminating the tanks in the first place. The last four tanks tops were prepared for the caps before installing the tops on the strakes. With the inside glass cured, locate the cap position and mark the foam. Sand an accurate depression in the foam (6" dia.) on the top and apply one ply of BID in the recess. After cure cut through the glass, foam, glass. Now you can temporarily tack the cap on and install the stake top. You can pull a cap on my latest EZ and not see the first speck of dust inside. :cool: P.S. I just turned the engine over with the starter for the first time last night.:D

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