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Quick question.. how fast do notification emails get sent out when people reply to your 'subscribed' threads? It seems that google (gmail) has been on a consistant 30min-1hr delay in getting those emails to me, and I am trying to figure out if the evil empire is delaying my email, or if email is slow getting out of this site. Honestly, I dont see a php mail() interface being that much delayed, based on how quickly vBulletin responds.


Any ideas? I'm about ready to stick my foot up google's azz because I am on a job search, and darnit, every minute counts! Back when I was running Zimbra on my own dedicated box, my emails would show up in literally seconds.

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Gmail, and especially Yahoo! are using DKIM and/or DK to check the validity of incoming mail. If the message isn't signed, the sender will get a 'deferred' message. With Yahoo!, it's been a day or more for me, with Gmail, I suspect it just sits in their spool for a bit. Even so, any large forum could be flagged as a spammer by Yahoo or Gmail (the latter does read/analyze emails), given a number of similar email messages that are sent out in a given time period.


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GAH. I knew the evil empire would do something stupid like that. I used to work for an email company, so I know exactly what you mean. I was just trying to figure out who's holding it up. I've actually seen some pretty ugly delays on outbound SMTP Queues.


I really need to get my personal server back online, thats the long and short of it. :irked:

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