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Small Part Help--Going to Deploy


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Hey Guys,


I am going to be going to the pacific area for a few months where I will have plenty of time to work on the Cozy. There are a few problems though.... I need to be able to ship it....in the airplane that I am flying over. Are there any parts that I can make that are small, relativly, I mean I can't put the canard in the jet but the winglets I could but other than cut the core and cover there is nothing else I can do. Any Ideas of what Could work on in my spare time that is not super long (less than 6 feet) and will fit in about a 42"x42" hatch. There is of course the problem with shipping all the materiels and epoxy, I can get most of it over there when I fly over. Let me know if you have any Ideas.



----Project in storage until Oct -08, #1052

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Not to state the obvious, but the CH4 bulkheads seem to fit the bill. It's takes about a month of lazy evenings to complete. If you work diligently, you'll want



Other thoughts

-Flat Nose Gear Bulkhead (ch13)

-strake bulkheads

-winglets aren't a bad idea


Everything there is relatively small and would be a couple months worth of work.


other suggestions?


so where is it you're going?

Drew Chaplin (aka the Foam Whisperer)


www.Cozy1200.com - I'm a builder now! :cool:


Brace for impact...

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F-28, both LG bulkheads, maybe the angled one too.

Front nose NG-30's (lots of fiddly work there me thinks)

IP, but may be a bit large? same for F-22

Seat back brace (you should be trimming to fit to the seatback, if my bulkheads are any indication)

front heat duct.



Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

Build status: 1-7, bits of 8-9, 10, 14 done! Working on engine/prop/avionics.
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With a 42 X42 hatch, you should be able to bring and build all of the parts with the exception of the wings, canard winglets and fuselage. You can do all of the bulkheads, all of the nose and main gear bulkheads (and assemble them), and the nose gear itself. You will have to build a table there, however all of those parts can easily fit in your plane. It will keep you busy. You will have to preplan and cut the foam to the approximate sizes of the parts to fit in the plane.


If you are going to be gone for just a few months, gauge how much you think you can get done and then cut it in half.


All of the above parts are flat or flattish with the exception of the nose gear stuff and the seatback support, but these are relatively small. All of those will definitely fit into the door. The longest piece will be the width of the aircraft, and that is less than 40"..much less high and will slip in.



I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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Hafi Dai, ( that will give you a hint of where I am going)


I already have most of chapter 6 done, so those parts are not something I want to redo..... The strake bulk heads are a good Idea and the NG30 bulkheads are the other parts I thought of.....


Look Out Guam, here I come.....in a few months


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