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Electric Roll Trim System


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I've had several people ask me to share my Electric Roll Trim system design. I installed this system when I originally built my EZ back in the late 1980's. SO, Its been a well proven system (2,600 hours) with no problems.


Basically, I used a MAC servo ( I think they are RAC now), made a spring loaded rod assembly, then attached this to the Aileron torque tube in the rear seat.


Check out all the photos and instructions at:




Scroll down on the left side to CONSTRUCTION, then click on ROLL TRIM.'


The only change I made was to rewire the MAC Servo so I can control it using the Infinity Stick Grip, rather than the original momentary contact switch that was recessed in the left armrest panel.


Good Luck



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I've had several people ask me to share my Electric Roll Trim system design...

While this certainly looks like a compact, reasonable system, the "Wright-Hanka" roll trim system as shown on:




might be a bit simpler, and guarantees no hysteresis from friction in the spring system.


I don't have either - just the plans system, but if I ever install an electric roll trim (which I don't really think is worth the effort as a retrofit, but I'd probably install if I were starting over), I think the WH system is the one I'd use from a simplicity and operations standpoint.


My $0.02.

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