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LH Sidestick


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This is from an uneducated and inexperienced perspective, but has anybody flipped the sidestick over to the LH side console ?


Pretty much every GA aircraft I have looked at seem to all have control in the left hand and power in the right. It seems to me that in a busy environment where you might be taking notes on a knee board it would be really hand to have your right hand free ? Apologies to all the wierdo left handers out there :)





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Thats one of the reasons I like the side stick on the Cozy, it's on the left for the captian :cool2: .


Questions have been raised before about making the Cozy with a centre stick (AKA VelocityAlike) but the response is almost always as you suggest. Along the lines of "A left stick leaves the right hand for jotting clearances and so forth".


When I fly the Cessna 172 I always fly left handed anyway. Instructors used to always insist in this. Throttle/mixture/flaps etc is all on the right, and the girlfriend/wife is on the right if your hands go wandering (your loss if you own a Long/Vari).


Making the change for a Long or Vari would be pretty easy by just mirroring the plans or adapting the Cozy plans.

Adrian Smart

Cozy IV #1453

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All fighter aircraft have throttles on the left. While I am used to flying left seat in a Cozy with a LHS, I prefer flying a Longez with a right hand stick.


The Cozy is set up for LHS (left seat) due to that design lends itself well to that arrangement.


While I am not saying to not deviate from "the standard", don't be surprised that when (if) you want to sell your baby later on that you get fewer lookers than you thought.

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