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Is it real?


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Hi all


I am planning to buy a Velocity SUV – FG with a 180hp engine. So far all sounds amazing, I can have my own equipment, I love the gull-wing doors. Form what I saw it solves all my problems with other planes, comfort, and glass panel. All is perfect, but the only little issue is that all is theory.


I would appreciate a real feedback of likes and dislikes of real velocity pilots. How does it manage in the air? What about with turbulence or bad weather? What would you change if you had to do it again?

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Hmmmm, what would I change....I would have started sooner so I was actually flying now instead of still building.


I too want to know some of these answers. The two times I have flown in a Velo it was such a thrill that some of the basics became secondary. It was smooth and seemingly easy to fly, but it was nice cool weather both times on really clear days.


You may want to go to www.tvbf.org and get on the builder/ownerkl/flyer email list. They will be better able to answere your specific questions.


Oh well, bac, to engine developement and shakedown.


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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I fly a 2001 Velocity SE-RG (I didn't build it though). Have been flying it since March and love it. It is a delight to fly-- two fingers on the stick and rarely use the pedals when you're in the air, mostly for takeoffs, landings and taxiing. I usually cruise at 9000-10000' and routinely get 160 KIAS with a 200hp IO-360 with an M-T constant speed prop and burn about 10gph at altitude. San Antonio, TX to Atlanta non-stop on less than a tank of 100LL (60 gals).


Trimmed out it's very stable, but it's very responsive if you want to do some yankin' and bankin'. It's light so it tends to bounce around in bumpy air but it can be fun to watch the canards flap. Gull wing doors are nice when it's raining.


If I were to do it again I'd go with the larger XL body and wings. The only gripes I have are the lack of luggage space for x-c with the family and the fact that I can't carry 4 with luggage and full tanks.


The company has fantastic customer service and I'm always treated like a member of the family. Great folks.

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Did you buyit?? If you did, how do you like it? I fly a classic FG. The good side:

* speed

* range

* comfort

* responsive

* cool factor

* cg range

* roomy back seats


The down side:

* no luggage space

* high landing speeds

* original (matco) brakes marginal

* long takeoff rolls

* ride can tend to be slightly bumpier due to light weights and where you sit on the cg arm


Overall I'm glad I sold my Mooney and went with the Velocity. Does the 180 SUV have a constant speed prop?? 180 can be a bit anemic for a Velocity.

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