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Starting Long EZ after 22 years


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Hello to All,

I am a new member as of 7/31/07. I joined the EAA several months ago and I'm back after 22 years. I purchased a set of Long EZ plans about 1985. I now have time to see this project through and I'm determined that it

will be completed. I flew for 20 years and lost my vision in my left eye. Anyway, from what I've read this morning there's a lot out there insofar as links, info, ect; simply a wonderful source. My immediate question or questions are several. 1) I only purchased Section 1 of the plans and as I remember Section 2 included the engine installation plans. Can I get these? 2) I realize that the plans need to be updated via the Canard Pusher, so where, or can I find the back issues and is this still how the updates are done? Is this info. consolidated in one place? 3) One or two templates are missing and can I obtain these anywhere? I could go on and on with questions, so I'll just ask for any comments, links and other sources of information that will put in my grasp the necessary updates to get this thing started. Again, I'm glad to be back, and especially here in this forum. Thanx.........john

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Welcome John,


The CPs can be found on several web sites, including mine:




Scroll down near the bottom.


Thanks to the work of Stet Elliott and Marc Borom. These are the original RAF Canard Pushers that have been scanned into a PDF file and can be word searched. This is a large file (4 meg, almost 1800 pages) so give it plenty of time to load.


Look around on this site and you'll find a download for the Open EZ templates. These should help you in replacing your missing pages.


One of the biggest advantages of starting today vs 20 years ago, the design is well matured and stable. I doubt you'll runtinto any problems that haven't been addressed before.


I look forward to seeing your progress.



F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

LongEZ, 160hp, MT CS Prop, Downdraft cooling, Full retract

visit: www.iflyez.com

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