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Smart Buyer?


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I'm looking to buy a Q2/Q200 or Varieze either flying or nearly flying. However, I will need help determining if the plane or projects I look at are great planes or lemons. How does one go about making a wise buying decision? How to find a good plane at a good price?

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It really depends on what your mission is.


If you fly alone, either one would suffice.


If you fly with another, how does he/she like the view of the back of your head. Perhaps not being able to share the visual aspect of communication is a plus, in some relationships.


The Q bird is a side by side plane. It has, with both seats occupied, little room for baggage. If you consider this bird, also consider a dragonfly. Similar, a little more cheek room (face not butt) in that the canopy shape is more square. It is slower but is lands slower.


The V-E, being tandem may get tedious for a frequent back seat flyer, I personally get pleasure seeing the reactions of my passengers as I fly. I don't know if baggage pods can be put on the V-E.


Depends on what you like (and how much elbow room you need)

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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