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Hi to all!!!


The amount of information that is generated by the supporters of this forum is nothing short of amazing!!!! I have spent hours (days) reading through the web sites of members.

I have always been intrigued by aviation. I had only to complete my long solo cross country flight in 1993 to finish up my qualifications for my pilots license. That's when I got side tracked. Started racing cars and caught the racing bug. The problem with racing and flying is that they are both expensive. So as you might have guessed the flying got put on hold. Guess I never thought that I would be racing for 14 years and counting. Now I can see a possible end to the racing hobby in the coming years and I am looking again at flying. I have the space (5 car garge) and many tools althought not very familiar with composite construction. I think my wife would appreciate me building something with more than one seat for a change! :D

Still looking at the diffierent Plans/KIts that are available. My brother and I have talked about partnership in an aircraft in the past and he seems willing to also jump into this project. Have a 2 year plan to empty all my current projects out of the garage.

I like the Cozy IV but since I am 5'11'' ,225lbs and my brother is 6'+ and 220lbs, I am concerned about the weight and the fit. I read that there is a 400 pound front seat capacity. Is that structural or for CG? Not too worried about head room as I am short waisted and have long legs. Also was curious about the seat itself. It looks like the seat is also designed as a major support of the fuselage. If it can be braced differently I wanted to use a brand of aluminum racing seat that fits me comfortably. What is the angle of the seat back according to the plans? Hopefully I will get a chance in the next two years to sit in one of these to get an idea of the size issue.

Thanks for any input and thank you to all who have contributed so much information about canard aircraft.



Jeff Wellum D.C.

Chiropractor, racer, aviation enthusiast.

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