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Where to find the right primer

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Hi to all. Research here and elsewhere upon the wonderful web tells me Valspar VP50 is good primer. I can't seem to find a local supplier for such a beast and even the web brings little info. I need to order or go to a place that sells a decent primer for my Long EZ. Lots of names out there in the forums, but try to find some!! NAPA blew me off, they were clueless. Apprieciate any direction. Ebay got nuttin'

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Where are you located? I have had good luck with autobody repair shops when purchasing paint and primers. Right now I am using PPG K38 and will use a PPG single stage topcoat. The store I am using here in Ft Worth can probably order Valspar if they do not have it where you are. Local will probably be better for you.

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We went ahead and used the Polyfiber system (www.polyfiber.com) for the most part, with a little bit of PPG added in.


The UV Smooth Prime was first rolled on, then spayed on per manufacturer recommendation. It sanded very nicely and filled lots (not all) of the pin holes. In hindsight, I wish I had rolled on another couple of coats and then sanded it down with the sanding board. I had a lot of low spots that were only evidenced after I, from a few feet away, misted a light gray primer over the top, then went at it with the sanding boards. I filled each of those spots using a roller, then sanded it all again.


Once I was satisfied with the smooth prime finish, I sprayed on the Polyfiber EP420 epoxy primer. Now here is where you need to make a choice. The EP420 went on nicely with only a few runs due to my own lack of competence. However, it DID NOT cover a handful of darker areas that were bleeding through, even after 3 or 4 coats. I ended up going to the auto store and purchased PPG K36 primer with a K201 catalyzer. This stuff went on like a dream, with only a splash of reducer. Had I not already owned the Polyfriber Ranthane topcoat, I would have sprayed the whole thing with K36 primer then purchased a PPG topcoat. Unbelievable how nicely it went on, covered the dark areas and then sanded ... unbelievable!!


We just applied the Polyfiber Ranthane top coat this past weekend. It went on VERY nicely, gave me great coverage and I only got a few runs that I'll need to work out. It was amazing to watch the 2nd and 3rd coats go on over the previous coats and blend in so perfectly. Really neat stuff!


Bottom line for you ... if you have the opportunity to use a PPG product / system, I say go for it. It may be expensive, but boy oh boy it's nice to work with. The only thing you need to watch out for is that you need a topcoat that can withstand the flexing. PPG does make additives for flexible surfaces (rubber bumpers, etc), but I dont have any experience with them.


2nd from bottom line ... after a lot of tough criticism about the Polyfiber products, I've had an OK time using them. Except for the crappy coverage of the EP420 the whole system is pretty good. Coming from a novice like me of course.


Have fun and good ucj

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