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OSH 07 - WHO and WHAT

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To start the ball rolling Brenda and Tony Rothwell from Australia - we just managed to get a couple of frequent flyer tickets so we'll be there again!


Anybody got any ideas of dates etc for the traditional get together and any ideas for the less informal dinners, talkfests etc etc?


(We have a Cozy Mk 3 with > 1000 hours on it, Lyc IO-320 and MT cs prop)


Looking forward to it already! Tony





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I'll be there with my wife and son. We plan to pitch a tent this year, and will be there most of the week. Hoping to see a bunch of Cozys and maybe get to sit in one. :cool:


I'm no organizer, but would sure like to meet folks for lunch or dinner. We'll have our car and can take 2 pax if someone needs a ride from OSH into town or whereever we are meeting. :)

Phil Kriley

Cozy #1460

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Right wing done - working on right winglet.

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Dad and I won't be making it this year..my honeymoon on October is sucking up every ounce of vacation I have this year, and the wedding is sucking up all the travel money. Next year it's on though :D

This is not a sig. This is a duck. Quack.

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I live in Oshkosh and I am working on a Long ez. I will be at the convention on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I have been reading posts for a while and would be interested in meeting some of the other canard flyers.

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I have just bought a new house and I am completely moved out. This means I have another house that will be completely empty for the entire convention. It has one full bed, I can get a mattress for the other bedroom and there is a sofa sleeper in the living room. The kitchen has all the appliances and there is a 21” TV and DVD player. I even have a few aviation videos that I can leave. There is also a two car garage that is empty as well, so hail damage can be averted. The house is about two miles from the airport.

If you are interested email me at vonkelch@yahoo.com

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