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Removing Contact Cement


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I bought myself a Long-EZ last year and the previous owner covered the interior in white boat carpet. I'd like to strip it out and paint the interior. Getting the carpet out will be easy but does anybody know of a product which is safe to use on our foam core aeroplanes that will effectively remove the contact cement that its stuck down with?



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I will have the same chore to do as my interior is covered with leather that has worn too much, faded and turned ratty. The heat gun is one idea for removal, but I worry that it would be too easy to melt the fibreglass/foam. Maybe it is not that much of an issue. I'll have to try it.

What I was planning to do was to use a rubber eraser and rub it off. I've seen some power drill wheels in some tool catalogues designed to take rubber cement off car parts and they seem to be hard rubber erasers. If you get to try either method before I do, please post results.

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Formica makes a solvent that goes with their contact cement for the laminate tops. Anyway, it works real well for removing contact cement from the laminate and surrounding area.

Best stuff I've found but it will remove paint & finish from just about anything else as well.

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