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Sealing the Exhaust

Drew Swenson

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Had some exhaust residue coming from Cyl #4. Replaced all the gaskets and nuts. What stops the exhaust from leaking from the joint? It appears to me that it would be much easier to leak from the joint than the gasket area. Should I seal the joint with a high temp silicone (and does silicone go to that high of a temp)?

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Good Question. I have had my exhaust on now for 20 years and it hasnever leaked at the slip joint.


I guess it has something to do to least resistance. Why try to squeeeeeze past a joint when there is a big pipe to go through.


My gues is that it would not even try unless there was some back pressure

like a muffler or something.

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That makes sense to me---and I do not have a muffler---standard 4 pipes out.

I definately had a leak in the number 4 cyl exhaust flange---you could see all the residue shooting out from there.


I have spent quite a bit of effort sealing up all the cooling leaks in the baffles etc. The more I do this, the more I smell the exhaust leaking thru the firewall (the more you seal it, the more the cooling air will find an alternate path----of course the next thing is to make sure the firewall is sealed up real good like where the electrical lines/plumbing, etc go thru).

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