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Another EZ ride....

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Glos was kind enough to humor me with a ride today after work, my second ever, and my first in about 12 years. We've been chatting over email and here on the forum for months and months now, but today was the first time we found ourselves meeting in person. He's a very nice guy by the way. His Long-EZ was backed out of it's parking space around 6:30p and after a short bit of time to troubleshoot the intercom and my headset (not compatible it turns out) we were heading up into the wild blue yonder (off at ~65kias!). On the roughly forty minute flight (? ...I lost track, I was having too much fun) we headed WSW for a while, and I got a little stick time, making gentle turns like I've been practicing in the sim (X-plane). It was, as I've been told, lighter and easier than the pretend version, and I was impressed with the lack of additional control required (roll to the side and breathe on the elevator and you're turning). His bird is 20iish years old, and still flies like a dream. The return flight was uneventful, except for the news chopper that kinda cut us off in the pattern. Once we finally got around to landing it was nice and smooth, and life was good.


The downside? Yeah, that back seat isn't designed for someone who is 6'4....but it wasn't bad at all.


Thanks Rick, I won't forget today any time soon.


Pics are here

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It's tight, but still a lot better than the back of a Warrior. My 6'4 frame is mostly leg, so I wasn't surprised by the size. I had a blast in spite of my foldedness though, which is what really matters.

This is not a sig. This is a duck. Quack.

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