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FAR 23\GAMA Spec 1 style POH and Checklists

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Howdy all!


Thought I'd mention that in addition to designing and manufacturing graphics and spray masks, I also have over 11 years experience in technical publications and logistics support for military and business aircraft.


I have been sole author of a number of civilian and military Pilot's Guides, Airplane Flight Manuals and Pilot's Operating Handbooks and derivative checklists over the years, having worked on no less than 8 certification projects under FAR's Part 23 and Part 25.


If you want a full GAMA\FAA style POH and or checklists I'd be happy to help - price is based on the size\complexity of the job, availability of stick time (no I'm not kidding, I love to fly and will trade partial payment for stick time if my wife isn't looking) and the nature of the project (cool planes will, of course, pay less).


Basically, I am happy to help with Operating Limitations, performance graphs if you have the data, but focusing on Emergency, Abnormal and Normal procedures - can do technical illustrations as well. We can also provide data files for installed EFIS\Engine Monitors that display checklists, get things printed in full color and bound, or provide raw files to you for your own printing. I am starting to do this again as a consultant on the side but am happy to share my skills at a significant discount to help keep sport aviation organized and safe.


Let me know if I can help.



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