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Want to buy: Rutan Vari-Viggen plans

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Intention is not build it per plans but modify it heavily and use

it as a starting point. There are few persons here

who are interested in such and I promised

to try to obtain the plans from the Internet. They have been

unsuccesful so far, hopefully I am more lucky.

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Actually if I elaborate more, the discussion with the person who

had the idea was:


- The material would not be the same than in original

- The engine would be a Rotax 912 UL instead of the original

- The weight would be heavily reduced

- It would be made to stall under 65 km/h


In other words, not a Vari-Viggen, but a Ultra-Viggen. It would

be quite different to control than the original heavy version as this

thing would be aimed to weight around 250 kg including engine and

in no circumstances more than 275 kg including engine and avionics.

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There is no specs for e-racer anywhere where I know.

If you can tell me the exact weight etc. details of a standard e-racer,

I would be glad. E-racer is designed for 160 hp or more engine as

far as I know. The deal here with the friend would be to try to design a canard

which works fine with Rotax 912 UL (80 hp), 912 ULS (100 hp) or

Rotax 914 (115 hp turbo) and weights no more than 250-260 kg as empty

and has stall speed lower than 65 km/h.

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Karoliina, I thought of this post when I stumbled on this quote from "the horse's mouth":


I would say there're less than 35 VariViggens have ever flown and it was such a lousy airplane (chuckles) we started discouraging it, actually, starting about 1977. I mean, if you take a VariViggen and a Long-EZ, both carrying two people and baggage, both at the same speed -- let's say the maximum speed of each -- the Long-EZ burns less than half the fuel flow and it's got four times the range. The airplanes have no comparison in terms of utility. VariViggen was a lot of fun. It was like a fighter to fly, but to go somewhere in it -- it's an awful airplane.

The full article is here.


You might want to have your friend do what others did -- base a derivative on the Long-EZ.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
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