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Aircraft Wire

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Cross-Post from Dust (If interested, reply to him):


"OK I've specced my wire with the help of mr lafleur. I found a supplier for it. Mike was surprised that i was able to as it is the newest and greatest stuff. For example, in the pros and cons listed in the official "mil specs" there are no known weaknesses with it.


The problem i am having is colors, i am running a boatload of 22 and 18 gauge wire and want many colors. Right now i am buying 1000 feet at 260.00 and i can only get 500 feet per color. anyone want to jump in and get 22 or 18 gauge wire for 260 22 gauge, 18 gauge i will have the price this weak.




19 silver-coated strands of 34 gauge wire make up each of 22 gauge wire


Mike, can you jump in with the specs and your learned opinion.


Just a note, after we decided on the #of wires(19@34) and the temp range, i was asked to supply the mil spec, went nuts with that one on google, lots of suppliers, not many explanations.


Called Mike, he knew where to get the mil specs for wire, they were in the back seat of his car.


I have to get this stuff NOW so if you are interested, PM me.


Could some one cross post this to other canard lists to see who is interested?"


Once again, respond to Dust. He has all the info.

"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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