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Jon Matcho

Project Visit -- Builder X

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I was called in as a 2nd pair of hands this past Wednesday to assist with floxing a fuselage bottom onto the main fuselage assembly. Prior to visiting this builder, whom I shall refer to as "Builder X", I was told that Builder X just glassed the inside fuselage bottom and that during the cure, it "sagged" 1/8 to 1/4" during the cure.


I couldn't picture what "sagged" actually meant, but was able to see first hand during the visit. Basically, the fuselage bottom just wasn't touching the seat bulkhead by itself. With the little that I know, it struck me as something that could be fixed by the per-plans application of flox and gravity.


So we floxed away for about an hour, laid the bottom onto the upside-down fuselage, and added what seemed like 400 lbs of bricks on top of it. The result? A perfectly acceptable fuselage.


Attached are a couple of pics of the night, with the names changed to protect the innocent. I tried to convince X to start a regular "plane day", but no dice. This was my first flox experience, was happy to help, and appreciative of X entrusting me with his "baby" by letting me cut my teeth (or should I say, "flox my teeth" :)) on his plane.



Jon Matcho :busy:
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