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hi all once again i humbule my self to the gods in the hangers. i'm new and still a pinch green when it comes to altering the cozy 4....but am set on a mazda 13b and have ordered what i thought slade had in mind. but when i got them(aircraft.......)on the phone,i was dumbfounded by the book so i closed my eyes and pointed :yikes: so if some one is board and need to help a newbe, plz look over my list and see if it looks ok,if not i can change it fist thing in the morning(fri)


the plan is to pipe water to the nose for heat and to pipe in vacum.befor i glass in the floor . if u have worked with fler fittings and know the nuts and sleves that go on 5/8 od aluminum tube that would be a big help. one more thing the antana thing that goes under the glass, i saw only 2 type so i got the cheep one(elt..i think is its perpose)






The parts ordered are:

30.00 of 03-40800 3003-0 TUBE 5/8" OD X .035" W

10.00 of RG-58CU COAX CABLE RG-58CU

1.00 of 01-14900 FLOCKED COTTON FIBER 5 LB.

1.00 of 01-14600 GLASS BUBBLES 1LB

6.00 of AN819-10D AN FITTINGS AN819-10D SLEEVE

6.00 of AN818-10D AN FITTINGS AN818-10D NUT

2.00 of AN822-10D AN FITTINGS AN822-10D ELBOW

4.00 of AN814-10D AN FITTING AN814-10D

2.00 of MK1000-3 NUT, TWO LUG ANCHOR MK1000-3

2.00 of MS24694-S52 MACHINE SCREW # MS24694-S52


2.00 of AN929-10D AN FITTINGS AN929-10D CAP

Steve M. Parkins

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Go to rst engineering and get their copper foil antenna kit.


The RG58 is old spec. You need the 400 stuff from http://aeroelectric.com

I'd get 5lb of micro too. You'll use it.

Not sure what the 929 and 814 parts are for. Presume you want to cap the lines. You could always just use some of the al tube and flatten it.

If the mk1003s are nutplates, you'll need about 100 of then everntually. :)


You might consider getting some pour foam to insulate the whole thing before you cap it.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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