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what if she......


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Hi all,I'm in need of some home town help. the girl friend has started ground school and i joined as not to be so...well u know(workin the cozy con..ie u said get her infolved).get her flying and i'm

She has bipoler and she red in the book that she can't get a 3 class. is that true ? and if so what r her opitions and most of all can she or should she lie,its all new to me. I see no harm,in her flying my cozy when its done. # 4 need input


Dusty in here ,Do mazdas fly ?

Steve M. Parkins

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I have a somewhat similar problem in that my wife is diabetic. She could theoretically get her 3rd class, but it would involve a lot of jumping through hoops. My notion is to encourage her to get all the training she can or wants to. I don't believe you need a medical for dual or ground school. That way, she could drive any time she wants, but couldn't log PC time or fly solo. She only needs a medical to get a license which is basically authorization to fly solo. She has no compelling need to fly solo in your Cozy.


I want my wife to get her license (and medical) just in case I lose my medical. It's a long shot, (she would probably lose her medical before I lost mine) but you get my drift.

...Destiny's Plaything...

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Originally posted by steve

....She has bipoler and she red in the book that she can't get a 3 class. is that true ?

FAR 67.307 (a)(3) specifically prohibits those with clinically diagnosed bipolar disorder from getting a 3rd class medical.


Originally posted by steve

.....and if so what r her opitions and most of all can she or should she lie.....

How good an idea do you think it is to lie to a federal agency?


Originally posted by steve

......its all new to me. I see no harm,in her flying my cozy when its done.

You can let anyone you want fly your plane, as long as a pilot is in it at the time. As Mike said, it certainly can't hurt to have her take the ground school and flight training as well for emergency purposes.


And for Jim Sower, (who should know better) there's no such thing as a pilot's "license" - it's a "certificate" :-). And no, you don't need a medical for dual or ground school.


Also, it is possible to get a pilot certificate without any medical certificate - glider and motorglider certificates do not need medicals.

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It is inappropriate for anyone to tell you or your *gurl* to Lie. You can't ask that sort of question of someone. That is one of those things you have to decide from within.


There is no reason not to study and learn from the ground school.


………..Now, I would like to get Personal…………


I hate to come off as the "Wierdo Spiritualist", but.....Now that you brought up Bipolar……. Bi-Polar is a Quite a Hand of Cards.


Getting your GIRL involved in your daily life is a GREAT idea. True, that could help in "Getting Approval For The Build", but I do hope there are more Honorable reasons you are doing this. Be gentle, plan ahead, building an aircraft will bring about a lot of anxiety, especially for her.


The More a person does their homework in understanding the condition, The Better things will be. . Perhaps, it would be best to go to a Doctor and ask questions about bipolar Issues. Do some Internet research and reading on BI-POLAR. SEARCH FOR & Find The Things That Are REAL in life, Grow Spiritually, and(As A fantastic person says) Live With Passion. There is a lot Two People can do Together that will build each other and make Life Very enjoyable.




My wife received TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)and has some mental conditions that resemble bipolar, hers resulted from an auto accident, and she takes drugs not allowed as Pilot In Command(PIC) of any aircraft. I am teaching her to fly, just incase I were to pass out or something while we are in the air, she could land the plane. (Her condition Makes Her very Violent, especially to PEOPLE that upset me<wink) By all means, If your girlfriend is anything like my wife when she is angry, keep her away from Hammers and The COZY.<SMILE>


Our journey has been long and hard fought, we have learned a lot. It would be silly for someone to go through the same kinds of struggles if there is another way over the wall. Sorry if I am coming off as your Preacher, It is just that I care.




Counselor Joe



I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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My Jana is bipolar too. I have been suprised at how common it seems to be. I never fully understood rage before (it is not my nature). Yes, keep the hammers away form the fiberglass....and personal body parts.


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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So lieing is out..lol(rats)But i know her ,she won't or can't lie.ok so i encuridge her to keep up the ground, and shoot for a sport lic,and go hide all the hammers and sugest she prey about the other..

Well once again i find my self in humbul gratude to you all,ty so much for the fast and timey feed back.

ps no parts yet..but they not due till tomarow.hehe it's going to be a fun weekend. I will have a zillon things to say and ask or wine about in 23 hours 13 min from now,How did u ever wait so long for the parts........Tap,Tap,Tap



Fly Low and Slow

Steve M. Parkins

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none of my business (kind of) but was "bi-polar" really diagnosed? By what kind of doctor? If so, what about a second opinion? A good lab work up and psych eval may prove it to be other wise. Can it be controlled with meds and the diagnosis changed to something like just "depression"? Is that against FAA rules? I do not know.

I am about to learn to fly and I really do not know. I do physical therapy for a living and I have seen a prior diagnosis over turned by a good MD and changed to something totally different but same symptoms.

Just food for thought. I hate it when folks get labeled.

Good luck to you and your's

confused: :(

Dave Barr

Just when I thought life could not get any better...........

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Jim Sower said that his wife is diabetic....doesn't want to jump thru FAA hoops (paraphrased). Well, I did and though it took 6 months, I finally got my 3rd Class Medical with Special Issuance okay for 6 years. Of course, I'm required to renew every year with medical documentation. She would probably be tested every year for her HA1C levels and could schedule it within 30days of her renewal month. Why? Because she can take over without worrying about FAA ethics and legalities. After waiting for months and having suspended my lessons not knowing I could really get a PPC, I'm resuming my flying again.


Even if I didn't get it, I would be trying for a Sport Pilot license. I think John Slade(?) was concerned about inadequately trained pilots. But, the otherside of it is that pilots who failed their medical could still fly albeit in smaller slower uncomplex planes. However, now that I have my 3rd Class medical, I can start building a Cozy. My life can go on, that is if I past the PPC tests!


Cozy IV Plans #1161

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I've been flying for many years and was diagnosed type 2 diabetic about 5 years ago I think. The FAA isn't too bad about diabetes, once a year, a couple of months before the medical is due I go to my doctor for a HbA1c test and also I have to do a 24 hour urine test and have my eyes examined - these are things a diabetic should have done anyway. I get a report from my doctor (the FAA tells you what he should put on the report) and send that to the FAA and when I go for my medical it all sails through. No big deal. If I remember correctly the first time it took the FAA a few months to approve but after that it's been pretty straightforward.

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Oh really?

I have one in my hand. Says "Private Pilot's License" right on the cover.


Oh really???


Mine says "THIS CERTIFIES THAT...", and has a "CERT. NO.", and says on the back, "This certification is of such duration..." I don't find the word "license" anywhere on the AC Form 8060-2 (5-81). Maybe mine is so old that they've change them :confused:;)

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