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Not For Old-Timer....Exteriors

Joe Patterson

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I really am not trying to get booted out of the Country Club.


See picture below.

We ARE building Planes that look like space ships

I like this exterior.

Again, this is from Motor Trend, a show car.



I am thinking more Airy than the Aqua Idea here. Something with clouds Eagles, and Native American Women, After all they are the Mother as in Mother Earth. Probably close in color, if only underside..........But I still think that with Post-Curing and lighter paints, plus keeping it covered , more can be done than most think on the top sode. .



I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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Jo-z, First please don't take this wrong. Paint jobs like this are COOL. And what you do on yours is Just fine with me. Paint weighs around 8 to 10 pounds per gallon. (depending on metal flake, etc.) To get the kind of finish in the pics take a lot of paint. I talked to one builder of a show plane, and he told me he needed 12 gallons of paint to get the results. Thats around 100 pounds of paint. At 10,000 ft and 200 mph even a plane in only primer in and out looks GREAT. Lord GOD Rutan says. Keep it light,simple,safe. I wish you GOD speed on your project, and have a lot of fun too.

P.S. When all my peers went to Woodstock. I joined the Marine Corps. To kill bad people to keep our country safe so the hippies could make love. Killem all, and let god sort em out. Peace brother;)

If the phone don't ring. It's me

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In my Cozy dreams I am considering two color schemes:


1.- RED TWO - Not much really, just the red flashes off Luke Skywalker's X-wing on the wing and a red stripe on the side. The rest is sensibly reflective WHITE (other than the photon torpedo launchers)


2.- SELF PORTRAIT - The following picture has intrigued me for years. A similar treatment would have Guy Pearce on my side and Kylie Minogue on the wife's (erm, haven't quite got her agreement on this yet...) The strake will obscure Kylie's wobbly bits, but there are no strakes on a Citroen so don't follow the link if this offends. The rest is WHITE.


Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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First about your P.S

.....Almost seemed confrontaional. I don't know if this is the place to go into all of that. + I have to be nice to YOU , YOU have SCALES


If they were at Woodstock, I do not see how they were your peers. Perhaps your peers were in the army or the navy. Dosen't make you any better than them.


As for me, I was born in 1961, and was taught to hate everyone who is different than me, by a WW2 vet. I always feel a sence of Honor and obligation to those that served, but there aren't a lot of them I admire.


On to the Airplane Stuff........

You make some good points HERE. I will not be able to have the same quality paint job, I can get close, or at least try. I have read about "Insulation Paint" , Its made with Glass Sheres in it, weights less, around 6 lbs per gal.Sounds like a good undercoating.




Hhhhm.........That Ain't gonna happen of my space ship.


Edit:..Now I am wondering, Chuck-The_dog.are you tring to get me riled??????


I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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Cool paint jobs are certainly possible. Check this one out:




Chuck, your 'p.s.' is off-topic, inappropriate, and has likely offended several others here. I'm sure you could have found better words and timing for your soapbox rant.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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I like that burned off skin/StarWars looking Paint job...Probably only because it is different. I think I would rather have the whole thing showing the underskin.



Has anyone ever heard of an "Insulation Paint " where Micro Beads are mixed with the paint? I would like to examine mixing this with my filler, and primer coats.


I think as Chuck-the-dog said, weight is "AN" issue. However it is very important to me, the overall look and feel..........Someone else said, I can't remember who if we wanted planes that look alike we would all be flying a Cessna, or a Mooney.


I edited to include a link to an sddress about "Insulating Paints"




I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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