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thanks for asking


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davebarr said


"I have never posted before but I bought my plans right before you did and I can not build yet. Taking a year off.... lucky dude, ..... I have read these threads for a few months and I have learned alot. Now I want to build, but still have to wait on moving in 2 weeks.

..... You have been kind of my hero with answers you get from Dust and Slade and all of the others"


Your comments warm my heart, i am here day in and day out to answer your questions, wether or not you ask them. Joe has been a great asker, so that you would have the answers, for a long time we just answerred the questions that we thought people were thinking, you know the ones we had.


I for one enjoy joe's addition to the forum and i am conciencly ignoring all people that are here and come off as gruff, wether they mean to or not.


Enjoy the prebuild, the build and the flying, oh yeh and even the sanding, he he he



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Not being new to flying, but being new to airplane building, I too had a lot of questions. I did the research and read the plans and still didn't get an answer. So, I asked a few APs and some here on the forum and some in person to other builders. I got different answers. Some were a little condescending. But as the one asking, I could accept or reject the answers. But, lacking experience, what could I base my rejection of certain answers? On emotion? On the way the answer was presented?

Allow me to offer this:

Many have climbed Mt Everest, I am sure that if you asked each one what they would recommend, you would get a common thread of similar answers interspersed with personal preference and different experience. I am sure you would even get at least one "gruff" response. What's the difference between climbing Mt Everest and building an airplane? Building an airplane takes longer. But you can still get killed if you do it wrong. Some take that aspect of it VERY seriously. (like your Dad when you were a kid. He seemed a little "gruff" about that crossing the street "thing") Later on in life you appreciate his intensity as it may have saved your life.

As the ones asking, we can accept or reject answers and make our decisions. "A wise man has the power to reason". Consider the source. Avoid personal confrontation (attacks) and allow for some interpretation because of the medium and remember that the guy who has been there and back probably knows a little more than the guy just starting out. He may not know how to express himself (or herself) but if you read the answer, you can learn something (even if it's the fact that he is a jerk).

Then, as you build, your opinion of other's opinions will grow in respect and the words you have to eat will lessen.

In any case, if you don't enjoy doing something you don't have to do, don't do it. If you really enjoy doing it, then ignore the naysayers and keep on keeping on.

my 2% of a buck..

Back to building... #618 Cozy MK IV


My Cozy web pages, courtesy: Rick Maddy... :cool: WN9G :rolleyes:

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I have been out of the building community for some time now, and I find myself lost as to some of the terms used in building materials.


On the Alpine web site, where the "Not For Old-Timers" car was made (website: http://www.alpine-usa.com/ ){Look under "Support/Demo Cars"} they do a great job showing how the entire fibergalss panels were made.........


They mention what looks like some kind of Particle Board, and call it MDF , I have been seeing theis term a lot, and do not know what it is.


What is MDF?


I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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Originally posted by Joe Cygan

Medium Density Fiberboard

Which is the greatest stuff there is for a working surface. Both of my workbenches are 3/8" plywood torsion boxes 8' x 4' x 1' and 4' x 4' x 1'. Won't warp or twist EVER, but have the minor irregularities one expects in plywood. I bondo a sheet of 3/4" MDF on top of the box for my working surface. MUCH better than particle board, stronger, harder, smoother, stiffer, etc. Bridges all the little low spots in the box structure and won't settle down into them. After it's all chewed up, I just flip it over.

...Destiny's Plaything...

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Originally posted by Jim Sower

...Which is the greatest stuff there is for a working surface.


I concur. I have used it for worktable, jigs, and basically anywhere the infamous "straight pine board" is required. Ha! Anyone seen a straight pine board recently? All the ones I see at Cheapo Depot you could use straight away as propellers.


MDF is heavy as hell, though - makes me wonder what "High Density Fibreboard" would be like. (if there is such a thing)

Trevor Howard

Edmonton, AB




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I built a pedal plane out of MDO (Medium Density Overlay)

It's basicly standard playwood with a fiber & resin finish.

It finished and painted out beautifully.


It's a bit pricey. Something like $50 for a single sheet.


Drew Chaplin (aka the Foam Whisperer)


www.Cozy1200.com - I'm a builder now! :cool:


Brace for impact...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I do feel it may be necessary to Note those that have offered to view their project, or a ride in their Cozy.................First you Ask.


In November of 2003, I requested a ride in an n e-mail to Nathan Puffer, before purchasing Plans #1266


1.)Nat Puffer Apologized, and said he was quite busy, but sent a request to the "Cozy E-mail List" asking someone to E-Mail me and offer a ride.....To which there was no response

February 6th, 2004..........I sent an e-mail request to the "Cozy E-Mail List" requesting a ride, or to view a Cozy. I also requested in this "Canard Forum"...............I received the following from Extremely Gracious peoples:These are not quotes, just overviews


1.)Burral Sanders..I am near completion......Please come see, and I would love to give you a ride ASAP


2.) Nathan Puffer..We will try to get you a ride here at a mutually satisfactory date.


3.) Nathan Puffer In a second personal e-mailIf

you ever get out this way, and we are home, give us a buzz and you will get your ride.


4.)Brian & Susan DeFord You're welcome to visit any time. I should have my Cozy back flying again in March.


5.)Rick Maddy Please come see my project , any Time.


6.)Lloyd GimpleMy plane has the motor out right now, it should be back in before summer, Please visit my project.......I would love to give you some "Stick Time", as soon as I can. I did visit Lloyd, as he is REALLY close, He is a generous and kind man. I have adopted him as "MY MENTOR".


7.)Marc ZeitlinI will be making a trip out towards Taos, I would be honored to give you a ride.<WINK>


8.) Mike/Dust I will give you a ride when I get a plane in the air. Please feel free to visit anytime.


9.) John Slade I would love to make a trip out towards Taos, and give you some "Stick Time"<WINK>


10.) There were several other builders that said, "If I had a Plane in the air I would give you a ride, All You Have To Do Is Ask".


If I have forgotten anyone, I do applogize. I am working from memory ,Here.


I thank you, each and every one. These have all been kind offers.








I am Building a Jo-Z IV StarShip.


What Do YOU Want?

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Uh.. Yeah!:cool:


I hadn't realized you were that close. Wife and daughter don't want to drive anywhere, but I'll leave them by the pool.:D


Thank you, thank you. I'd be honored to be able to come out and visit you and your Cozy (was that a song once?). We'll be flying out on the 18th and returning the 23rd. My son is staying home and watching the house.

Mike LaFLeur - Cozy MkIV #1155

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