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Jon, as admin of the forum, and as popular as the hot tub is, i think it makes sense to try and add a java chat to the forum... it would help to create an even closer community, and the Q and A sessions would be instant and open.. very stream of consciousness... not to mention MUCH faster than posting... a few of us tried it in yahoo msgr user rooms, but we all agreed that it would be much, much better to keep it in direct connection with the forum. it would be nice for someone new to be able to ask a question, get an immediate reply, and if the information is in the archived forum posts, then the question could be directed to a forum search.. it would in no way replaces the forum, quite the opposite, i think it would greatly enhance it and add to the knowledge... Anyone else interested? OPinions are more than welcome, reply please and lets see if its agreeable to the majority of forum posters to use a chat system... Did i ramble? maybe so, but i think i made the point... im thinking as i type... well its out there ... waddya all think?



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