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Cozy MK IV or RV 10?


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In short I want to build a 4 place plane primarily for cross country flight. I really like both the rv 10 and the cozy MK IV. both have excellent support on the net.


RV advantages:

Pre punched kit Should go together much quicker then a Cozy

Larger cabin

Much shorter take off and landing

operates on rougher fields

Can easily be modded to cary my ski's :-)


Cozy Advantages

Much easier on my wallet

Same cruise speed on 80 less HP

antennas hidden in the glass

mess ups should be easier to fix

Can it be modded to cary two sets of ski's????????????? I hope so.


What are your thoughts and opinions?

I guess I wonder IF i can actually build either and which would be easier for a first time builder with NO experience. Actually I have a little experence with fiberglass (I've made several 4 foot windmill blades)



Thnaks for your thoughts


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Check this thread for a prior discussion on the topic: http://www.canardzone.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=546&highlight=rv10


The topic degrades into a discussion of spare tires, but that should get you started.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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I don't ski - no that's not true, I ski in a style most suitable for a yahoo like me (telemark!!!). I surf, and one of the big problems is putting your board on board a commercial flight when you go to Costa Rica, or some such exotic locale, looking for a little slam.


My board is in two pieces (a custom job, by a particularly good stainles and composite fabricator) that pins together, and then locks in, using a quarter as the key. The board has all characteristics of a full board, although its about 3 percent slow (good for an old guy like me, sorta like parabolic skis). You need the same thing in your skis, so that you can focus on whether or not your aeroplane should fly forward or backward, not on whether it fits your skis.


Besides, working up the SplitSki idea will make you millions and you will be flying your own starship or piaggio. Hey wait a minute, that's what I should be doing. Darn, why did I study the law instead of going to work in the custom shop. Honestly though, the SplitSki idea is pretty cool, donchathink?





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RV advantages:

Pre punched kit Should go together much quicker then a Cozy

I haven't seen a lot of really compelling evidence of that. In any event, putting an airframe on the landing gear is about half the project, so you don't really save that much. And an RV requires lots more tools than a razor blade, scissors, paint brush and squeegee.


<... which would be easier for a first time builder with NO experience ...>

NOBODY has any experience going in. Most of the folks on this forum think composite is easier (Duuuuhh!) but that's a personal preference. Perhaps influenced by tool list?


Just a theory ....

...Destiny's Plaything...

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The RV-10 is the new four place bird by Vans. It seems to be a sweet plane even if pricey (even for a Velocity builder) and if I am not mistaken is only shipping the Empennage kit. Only the prototype is flying so I think it may be a while before CAFE does a report. Vans has a solid line of aircraft.


The kit should be in the mid $30s. This is quite a bit more than the other RV kits.


Quaoted from the Vans webpage:


<<<Flown at 2200 lbs, representing a typical two-people-and-three-quarters-fuel weight, it achieved a take-off distance of 360’ and a landing distance of 525’. The climb rate averaged about 1700 fpm. At 75% power and 8000’, true airspeed topped the magic 200 mph mark...actually, it was 201 smph.>>>


Check it out at www.vansaircraft.com


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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Obviously I vote for the Cozy - fast, economical and EZ to fix you're mistakes. I've watched a local builder working on an RV over the last few years. Way too many rivets for my liking. If you screw up a panel it's trash. No so with fiberglass.


As for skis, you're talking to a guy who took his skis in a PA28 Cherokee. I think they'd fit inside a Cozy, but the pax might be a bit uncomfortable. I'd bet you could add a belly pod that would hold skis. One set on each side of the belly brake. However - I wouldn't consider this as an important critera not matter how much you love to ski. For the difference in cost you could fedex you're skis ahead everywhere you go for 10 years.


The other important difference between the RV and Cozy is simple. The RV looks a lot like an Archer. The Cozy looks more like a spaceship. Aesthetics is everything when you're looking at the beast you've created. The Cozy just looks COOL.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Dear All


I like canard aircraft on hot days (rising air)as you feel the canard rise before the main wing hit you. this give you that slit second of readyness. With normal small aircraft it just hits you.


I agree with John about riveting, far too many, and it is old tecknolagy :cool:


I wish they had a spell cheuqer on this sit. :confused::irked:

Standard Cozy IV builder only 2 mods, because I want to get into the air fast. :) At CH7

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