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Rotozip and/or Fein?


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I've searched the archives and haven't found answers to these two questions.


1) When making a flat structure such as a bulkhead, is it totally acceptable to make the part a little large (eg 1" larger in all dimensions), let the part cure without knife trim, then cut the part to correct dimension after cure with the Fein or Rotozip? Are there any problems with this method, other than waste of material? I have seen where people have alluded to this practice, but haven't seen it done on any user websites.


2) For those that have used both tools, is there a significant difference in the utility provided by each? Which bit or blade is recommended for glass cutting?



Thanks, Tyson

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Sure. You can do that if you want, but as you say - its really a waste. Way make dust when you don't have to? Knife trim as explained in the plans works very well. If you let it cure, just warm the edge with a hair dryer and then knife trim. Just don't cut towards yourself. :eek:

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1) No. There are no problems with making the parts larger, then cutting to size.



2) If you have the Fein, you really don't need the RotoZip. About the only thing I use the Roto for now is cutting metal with the cut-off wheel. The bits dull very quickly on glass.


The Fein with the HSS round blade works best on cutting cured glass. And, most importantly, is MUCH more safe. Since I started using the Fein, the Roto scars have nearly disappeared. :D

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