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Jet Powered Cozy

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I was wondering JUST the same thing. There are no specs listed on the site but JETS do consume quite a bit of fuel. I'd love to know his top speed, gross capacity, cruise consumption, climb rate, and range. I think Wing Tanks would deffinately be a necesity. I spoke to Dick Rutan over email the other day about his Fuel Tanks he used on his long distance EZ flight and he gave me some nice ideas. Real easy to build. Id love to make them removable but havent figured out that part of the engineering equation. Maybe I should post another thread on that. ;)


As I said on the Cozy Builders Mailing List when this link was posted there as well, WOW, what a KEWL looking plane. :D



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I think the engines specific fuel consumption is 1lb fuel per lb of thrust.

So at 200 mph I think the Cozy requires around 200lb of thrust meaning 200lb/hr of Jet fuel, or 30 usg/hr, 90kg/hr, 110 litres/hr.

More at take off / climb power.

I doubt if he can exceed the 230 Indicated Vne, but climb performance must be something else.

Pretty thirsty beast, but what fun!!

Interestingly the Walter gas turbines in the Lancairs turboprops, are about half as fuel efficient as a reciprocating engine.



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The last time I talked to Greg, he was planing on bulking up the canard and main wing spars ala Berkut. I don't know what Vne he is targeting, but it will be higher than the standard.


Also, he is converting the rear single seat (Cozy III) to a permanent fuel tank. I figure you could get an extra 30 gallons back there.


He's offered me a ride when he's finished... but I'm almost afraid to ask. :eek:

This ain't rocket surgery!

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