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Sweeping Canard and ailerons...


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This may be an old topic...


But what is the reasoning behind making the canard up-swept instead of level. I saw a few of these at EAA airventure 2003 and later saw an article about it. The tips are higher than the root causing the tip vortices to flow above the main wing ailerons instead of into them? Is this valid or disproven? Just curious. :P

This ain't rocket surgery!

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Being a spotter Marble, that is in fact classified as dihedral. Sweep is the angle of the wing to the airflow. Cherokee, Cessna, Cozy canard no sweep, 747 main wing 30' sweep, and is a Mach speed problem.

Dihedral is used for lateral stability in the main wing of many aircraft. If one wing becomes lower than the other, the resultant lift force causes a sideslip which results in the lower wing producing more lift and righting itself. The opposite is anhedral, a down slope in the wing, which is more common in high wing types like the big Antonov 125 cargo rig.

I'm sure you could be right that it is to allow clean airflow to the wing, as much as for stability.


The Coconut King

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ifin i member right, u bee right mt, bent canard for cleaner airflow to main wing.


i think it has been positively proven to add from 0 to 2mph and looks like a sombich to build compared to straight canard.


enjoy the build



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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You guys should really think about joining the Central States Association. Most of the back information you ask about has been CSA topics for years now. For example, Vance Atkinson has a dihedral canard on his Cozy III and he wrote many how-to and performance articles for the CSA newsletter.


Most new ideas on CZF are the same ones already in their 3rd and 4th iterations in the CSA!


A quick email to Terry Schubert would get you quickly connected to these back articles and many, many more.


Yeah, it's $25USD a year. But it's work SO...MUCH...MORE...THAN...THAT!


...Wayne Hicks

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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... or we could post here for free and get you to fill in the details! :D One could argue that since the Cozy has been around so long, we could just pack up this web site... there's nothing new in Cozy Land.


[edit] Well that sounded harsh. Actually I am going to get a few years worth of back issues and a current subscription. [/edit]


Dihedral! Thank you No 4! I was having a brain fart when I posted and couldn't remember the term for nothing. :P

This ain't rocket surgery!

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