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Construction detail

Jack Kretmar

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In following the builders' websites, I had a number of questions.One, in particular, intrigued me. One builder, Rick Maddy, describes, in his Chapter 19, Step 9, removing 0.7" of foam from the outboard wing rib. I wonder how one manages to remove a uniform depth of 0.7 foam and create a perfectly flat planar surface at right angles to the wing skin? If Rick or anyone can answer this, I would appreciate it.

Jack Kretmar

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For those types of operations, I use a dremel with a RotoZip type bit, set it to a particular depth. Then, using a straight edge across the end of the wing to maintain the depth, I cut numerous lines, much like a router. Then remove the rest of the foam between the lines to the depth of the cuts.



"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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if we were working in aluminum, wood, etc., it would be hard. With foam it is a snap. When my partner thane started on the planes with us we had large blocks of tan foam on the bottom between the firewall and landing gear opening. He looked at that and said " how do we removed that" His other hobby is wood, as is mine, so i new what he was thinking, hard maple, well i went over and grabbed a hand saw and whacked it off in a flash, then he understood.


You do this all of the time on the plane, make it perfect, or as perfect as you can, and latter, hack, grind, cut it off and throw it out.


The rib you are talking about is very simple to do, foam cuts and sands easy and if it is .7 or .75 in that area, it plane just doesn't matter, just do as good a job as you can, it will be fine.


Normally if it says .7, don't do .65 or .68, rather .75 or .72, then things will fit.


did i ramble enough


enjoy the build, find a builder and help for a day or 5



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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