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Keep moving forward.....


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1) Research Designs - Done (Cozy Wins Hands down)

2) Family Discussion - Done (proceed)

3) Plans Arrive #1247 Christmas Present 2003


4) Personal Objectives begin - the cozy is my present to myself, the delayed gratification of changing my lifestyle so that I can FIT into my cozy - I tipped the scales at a whopping 295lbs on my 6' frame.

I am gonna modify my frame not the cozy. Going down! 1/6/04


5) The garage - Oh No! not the garage Mr. Bill. Yes the 1966 chrysler newport has to go... the lane beds, the pin decks, the heads time to get the container and the sawsall and get cracking!


6) Order chapter 4 materials


7) start


These goals and process (Including myself) I plan to fully document on the web for you all. (My support group) I am gonna hang it out there for all to see, I am counting on that, you all, and my personal motiviations to help me see this through. When we build my cozy, I want it to be a glorious celebration of what is possible.


Is that an epic journey or what?


One foot at a time, moving forward....


Steppin' it up over here boss!


The plane that travels thousands of miles begins with a few small steps.


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Persue you're goal one step at a time. Do something on the plane every day. The satisfaction gained as you achieve them is unmeasurable.


A couple of days ago a prospective builder asked me if there was anything I regret. My answer - "I didn't start sooner".

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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