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Well, thane was sick on sunday and so was tom, (a non partner that shows up almost 50% of the time) soooooo it was just me and clifford sunday morning and clifford is busting his buns trying to keep up in fabbing the 1 million and 3 metal parts we need for the planessss.


Well, i wasn't alone at all, bowlersaid showed up before me and stayed till 3:00 and mike showed up a 1:00 and stayed to closing at 4:00.


We did real pickey work all day on fitting all of the lower strake skin and the ribs and baffles. Thanks guys, enjoyed the day and the help.


I have a diferent thought on helpers, usually known as slaves. I put them to work and let them do it and do/supervise. The first day they are there, we always get about 1.25% of the work done that i would do alone, but it is allot more fun. They enjoy being told to take the knife and cut the part, mix the epoxy, shoot the level line and be trusted with doing it right. We double check, but, you can tell when they are doing it well.


when bowlersaid showed up he was wondering how the strake could be made that was identical to the other one, buy the time he left, he was amazed at getting the level line on the ribs to bounce between 0.0 and 0.1, good stuf and way clearer than reading.


Builders, open up your shops, the prebuilders need (well, they don't NEED it but they want it) the experience and you will have a great day in the process.



Enjoy the build



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Here, here.... well said Dusty one


Why forge on alone when a network is there?

It will give you confidence

It will help you avoid some mistakes

It will make difficult tasks pass easier

and too many others to mention


In short- Why build a plane alone when you can do it with friends?


The Dream Continues....


The plane that travels thousands of miles begins with a few small steps.


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