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Hello Group,


Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I am about to order a set of plans for the Cozy MKIV. I debated for a long time as to what aircraft I wanted to one day own, as I'm sure most of you have at one time or another. Van's sure has a lot of good offerings. BUT, (there's always a BUT!) after finding out that Chris Barber lives in the same town as I do (Houston), I called him up recently and we talked. He graciously invited me to his house and I spent several hours over there Saturday. We talked for hours about the Cozy, the Velocity kit he is building, and general composite construction. Then, we dug in!! We put on some gloves and we were doing something new to me...laying up a "dry" macro coat on the bottom of his right wing! (I think I said that right!) Totally cool for me!! Its just not the same as seeing it on a web page, you have to "get your feet wet!" I am amazed at the dedication it takes for someone to tackle a project like this and see it to its conclusion. Chris is most informative and helpful. I suspect from what I read here and other places, all Cozy / Velocity builders are like this.


I am glad I had a chance to do this...I'm sure I can tackle this and see it through also. I don't know why I waited this long!!


Now, if I can just get this stuff out of my hair.........;)



David Swain

David Swain


Watch thine airspeed, least the ground come up and smite thee.......

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Welcome. When you got home, did you finally order the Cozy plans like you promised????? I hope I have not spoiled you for life. Once you get the epoxy flowing though your vains there is little turning back.


As we talked about, there is a huge support network out there, from ASS, oh, I mean, AS&S, this forum, email list, builders webpages and, I and others are just a phone call away.


Thanks for stopping by. It is GREAT to be able to share this stuff with someone with the same level of enthusiasme as I. Remember, if you need practice, I have a lot of sanding that needs to be done (hey, this slave idea has some merit <g>).


Actually, get your plans and start building. If you think you liked working on my project, just imagine how much better it is workin' on your own (that is something even the engineers on this list can't quantify <g>). As I preached yesterday, you will regret every day you delay.


Procrastinate later.


All the best,




Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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