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Homebuilt and Experimental Mags?


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FYI, if I am not mistaken, the EAA Experimentor focuses mostly on ultralights. I let my subscription lapse after one year. Maybe they intend to let it also focus on the planes for the new Sport Pilot rating in the final stages of approval.


Nothing wrong with this, I just did not "relate" to it. Too into the idea of fast glass :) FWIW, of course, YMMV.


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This may be a silly question from my ignorance, but, isnt Central States Association for those who live in the "Central States"? Is there a west coast association as well? :) It does seem like the central states are the epicenter of the homebuilt world, however.



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Originally posted by CBarber

...the EAA Experimentor focuses mostly on ultralights.

The focus is on sport plane and ultralight aircraft (which also includes balloons). However, I did check the October 2003 issue and found a small article referencing Nat Puffer about wetting out your layups. Next to the article was the 'cowboy dude' from the plans.

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