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looking for models of Cozy

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I'm looking for small-scale flying models of the Cozy (or VariEze). Possibly r/c. I looked at the threads in this forum, but only found 1/4 scale models listed.


I'm not yet set up for the full-scale build. I need to put up a new garage first. I've been planning it for about a year (the garage) and the design fits well with the concept of building a plane. I may have it built by end of next year. In the meantime I'd like to have a small-scale one to play with.


Anyone have plans/sources?


Also, I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who loves to throw paper airplanes. Anyone have a paper/foam/balsa free-flight glider/rubber powered design for a canard lying around?




CP Tomes

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I went the site posted and requested information on if and when they plan to produce as scaled version of the Cozy Mark IV. I think you will all find the response interest.


The Velocity development program has extended considerably longer than we anticipated, caused by some of the same issues that affected the original Velocity - deep stall performance/recovery. We believe we are at the final iteration of the model, . . having to increase the canard chord and power to weight ratio.


The good news its that we would probably be able to design it to fly well, right from the start.


We are going to get the Velocity completed and selling well, before we do another Canard aircraft. The Cozy remains a likely candidate, and we would probably build it in a slightly smaller scale, so that the two models don't compete with each other. To answer your question directly, I realistically don't see us doing the Cozy within the next year or two.


If there is sufficient interest, we could build sets of Velocity wings and canards and produce a kit without the fuselage, for those builders who would want to build up their own Cozy fuselages from balsa or fiberglass.(The Cozy has very few compound curves in the fuselage so could be built from balsa sheet over frames.) We could also provide a fiberglass cowling after a fuselage has been designed by an enterprising Cozy builder/modeler.


If this is of interest to the Cozy community, we can special build these wing sets as a dedicated special order that we would build as part of the Velocity production. I suspect that the wing sets would sell for about $200.00.

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Has anyone ever designed a model of the cozy for a flight sim? That would be the coolest thing in the world. If the flight characteristics were to be portrayed acuratley it could give a potential builder a better understanding of what it would be like to strap a cozy to thier butt and fly around. Give most people an understanding of the scale of the plane and let them know what it is like on the inside. Wanna talk about a sales presentation? I know a little bit about modeling in 3D Studio Max and would be willing to donate my time if someone has modding experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Just so you guys dont rake me over the coals, I know that MFS would not give the total experience of flying in a cozy. I am also not implying that it should be used for flight training. Just a demonstrator of the flight characteristics of the cozy and an example of the scale of the plane.


Any thoughts or offers?



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I went looking for one too... thought it would be fun to see. What I found was that there is a "Rutan" available for MS Flight Sim it looks to me close to a Long EZ.. you can download the model from www.simviation.com


and a Cozy Mark IV for X-Plane.. (a simulator program I have never tried) http://www.x-plane.org/Detailed/2631.shtml


Best of luck,



Stew Joslin

Coventry, Connecticut

Plans #1287

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In response to the question ... doesn anyone fly one ... does anyone fly one >, preferably a large one, something like 50% scale ?. I would like to find an experienced radio-flyer to test an add-on for a cozy ... I'm not fussy about which model though. It could be an E-Racer, Velocity, Original Co-z, Classic, or Mk4. If anyone would be willing to do some flight testing, please contact me off list. FYI: I have a 1/2 built Co-z which has been half built for 15 years !.:sad:

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