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OK it's too late for me to buy one now, but i hear the fein (fien) sander with a dimond blade cuts glass great, any other suggestions for builder other than the minimums


Mike (the Tool addict)

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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Well... I'm pretty sure I'll need the following just to get started. 60 gallon air tank (any larger requires 220 volt outlet) with grinder, sander, blower, and framing nail gun... Laser level, smart level, tig welder, 10' band saw, infra-red thermometer, table saw, back up generator, epoxy pump, backup expoxy pump, electric scissors, mini fridge that works (for drinks), mini fridge that doesn't work (for epoxy storage), 35" plasma computer monitor, halogen track lighting, bobcat 682, cork thumbtack board, assorted markers, Xacto knife, small file cabinet, portable heater... is that everything? Oh... and a hammer. :D

This ain't rocket surgery!

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since i really miss giving MT a hard time.


I have an Amish friend who has 6 1500 gallon propane tanks he puts air in to run his wood shop. Fills them with a small diesel engine driving an air pump.


You really dont need 220V for a tank larger than 60 gallons. You need a tank larger than 60 gallons to have a tank larger than 60 gallons. Any air pump will pump air into it.

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