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I was thinking of using the B&C LR-3 volt regulator


From all I've read, that's the best combination. If not already there, you might also want to get Bob Nuckolls' book / CD and join the aeroelectric list for many tips and tricks. See aeroelectric.com

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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I have been using a 55 amp Hundai alternator for over 7 years. No problems the voltage regulator is built in. Cheeper than B&C it includes bracket for Lycoming. Sold by Mark Landoll's Electric Service

2112 SW 76 st.

Oklahoma City, OK 73159


he also sells light weight starters.

Alternator, bracket, shipping under $800.00

Starter, bracket, shipping under $200.00

If the phone don't ring. It's me

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I used Landoll's alternator on my LZ but in reading AeroElectric Conn

I thought maybe I would be better off using the LR-3 regulator but the B&C alts are pretty pricey so I hoped to put it on some other alternator. I think I'll take the B&C picture to the auto store and say I want one like that. It's probably a Nippondenso which is widely or wildly used, I think. I don't know though the old relay type regulators failed often but I have never seen one of the solid state ones fail in an over volt condition.


Long Ez, AeroCanard

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