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Ann Arbor fly-over?

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One of you guys just buzzed over my neighborhood (Ann Arbor, MI) at 8:15AM on Saturday morning (08/09/03)! It was sooooo coooool!

I heard a plane coming from the distance, but the sound was really different. Lo and behold, I see a canard approaching, and as it got closer I could see it wa a COZY! (too wide for a long-ez). It was hauling a&&! It was inspiring to see one in flight, and I didn't even have to go all the way to Oshkosh! Thanks to whomever paid me an inadvertent visit! It has inspired me to start building!



Rob Schaum

Avid COZY admirer and eventual builder in MI

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Hey, stop and give me a ride please?


I missed the rides at Oshkosh. I'd like to affirm that I'm building the best homebuilt there is.


If anyone is going to fly over the metro Detroit area, let me know. Any time.

Mike LaFLeur - Cozy MkIV #1155

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I missed the rides as well... but Kevin Funk was nice enough to let me hop in and try his with the nose off the ground. I never thought about it, but it did give me a different perspective on how comfortable the flying position will be. The two I tried on for size before were both nose to ground.


Besides Greg Richter, I think Kevin must be the most enthusiastic flyer I've met! He had given others a ride, but by the time I tracked him down, he was packing up to leave (which didn't stop him from offering to show me his plane). He did have me a little worried when he took off from Oshkosh though... Nat said he had a Lyco 320 engine instead of the 360. Kevin loaded up with fuel, stuffed the baggage pods full, and headed out with four people. I watched him go down the runway, and go, and go, and go, and go... did he pull up? Finally just at the horizon I saw him slowly climbing into the sky.


I think I'm going to get a 220 HP engine.


If it loads correctly, this is a picture of his plane. In the background is the screaming eagles doing their thing... I also have a couple of cool pictures with Patty Wagstaff doing her thing in the background. (Let me know if you want it.)


On a sad note... I noticed that in one of the panoramic shots I took of the Shell square, I just barely caught a glimps of the Hughes racer replica. That was the plane that went down in Yellowstone park next to Old Faithful on Monday after the show. The builder was the one flying the plane and died in the crash. At the show, my Dad stopped to talk to him about the plane... I hurried him along so I could get out to the strip to watch the Lancairs do their fly-by. Maybe we could have stayed a few more minutes.


This ain't rocket surgery!

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