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Why is 2 inches the magic number?


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Good question. I'm also planning on widening mine at the seatback by 2 inches. Not sure why I chose that, but it seems that its a small enough change that it shouldn't cause too many problems with respect to other components while still offering a good deal of benefit in extra room.


It is also a small enough difference that it shouldn't cause large adverse effects to the flight characteristics. I have no proof in this as I haven't done any sort of analysis (and am really not competent to do such an analysis), but have a gut feel that it should not cause problems.


If anybody has donr this sort of analysis I would be really greatful if you could share it (privately if you prefer).


I hear that X-Plane can be used as a tool for examining these types of things. Has anybody had any experience using it?

Rui Lopes

Cozy MkIV S/N: 1121

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